Enchanting, eye-catching and elegant

Indoors or outside, SCHOTT NARIMA® color effects glass grabs people’s attention. This glass produces iridescent color effects in six different variations and makes a bold visual statement while conveying an impressive sense of depth – making it the ideal material for architects, artists, and designers to create lively colour accents.


  • amazing colour effects
  • six color variations (four variations can be thermally toughened)
  • for interior and exterior applications
  • tough surface resists scratches and chemicals; weatherproof
  • CE certified

Many processing options and formats:

  • thermally toughened safety glass
  • heat-strengthened glass
  • laminated safety glass
  • insulating glass
SCHOTT NARIMA® – Color Effects Glass is unique due to
  • offers beautiful color effects in blue-gold, blue-green, may-green, green, yellow and orange
  • can be used for eye-catching interior and exterior applications
  • causes dazzling visual accents with an impressive sense of depth and homogenous appearance
  • can be used for office buildings, museums and opera houses to doors and parapets
  • NARIMA® coatings are hard, highly scratch-resistant, highly thermally and chemically resistant
  • many processing options e.g. thermally toughened safety glass, heat-strengthened glass, laminated safety glass, insulation glass, etc.
  • NARIMA® as a dip-coated glass is harder than sputtered glass products and less vulnerable to humidity than foil-based solutions