Lighting Glass – Exterior lighting

Glass used for external lighting products must be robust and physically resistant to damage.

This is particularly important in applications where the overall lighting product may be subject to severe weather conditions, or where other hazards may be present e.g. explosive gas.

Spectraglass supply glass for the following customer requirements.

Flood Lights – ArcFloodlight"0049305"

Arc lights are typically required to provide continuous high level lighting in key work areas. Any glass used in such lights must be capable of withstanding the rigours of constant heat without degrading the integrity of the overall light assembly.

Security Lighting

Dependent on the physical application, a security light can be a derivation of a flood light. By definition of its Security Lightintended use, a security light should be capable of withstanding wilful damage and adverse environmental conditions. Invariably this will critically define: the glass type, material thickness, and the toughening process needed to achieve the required product strength and integrity.

Explosion Proof – Hazardous Area

These are mission critical lighting products which are required to safely operate in a known hazardous environment, whichExplosion Proof Light would normally be classified as Zone 1 or 2.

Practically, the glass along with main lighting enclosure, must be capable of preventing ingress of potentially explosive gases and, at the same time, have the ability to contain any dynamic failure of the internal light bulb.

In GroundGround Light

We supply glass for various in-ground lighting products. These products must be capable of preventing water penetration into the light assembly, as defined by the industry standard: IP67 water proof.

Drive OverDrive Over Light

Drive over lights must be resistant to water ingress and also be capable of safely withstanding concentrated forces resulting from vehicular movements. Drive over lights generally incorporate some form of diffuser to reduce glare.

Under Water

Spectraglass supplies a number of lightingmanufacturerswho specialise in under water lighting used in projects such as super yaughts etc.

Under water light