Industrial Glass – Flat Gauge Glasses

We manufacture toughened flat gauge glasses that are widely favoured in many industrial and engineering applications. The standard material used for these gauges is borosilicate but aluminosilicate or soda lime can be supplied depending on the particular application and operating environment.

These glasses are available as Reflex, Transparent and High pressure types. They can be supplied in a full range of lengths and sections to imperial or metric tolerances and comply with the following international standards:

  • BS 3463
  • DIN 7081
  • JIS B 8211
  • MIL–G–16356


ReflexReflex Gauge Glasses

Reflex glasses are designed to give an enhanced indication of the liquid level by increasing the light refraction where liquid is present.

The standard material used is borosilicate; mica protection cannot be used.

Transparent (plain)Transparent Gauge Glass

These glasses are ground and polished on both faces and are generally mounted as a pair in the gauge assembly to provide through vision. Standard materials used for this type of gauge glass are borosilicate or aluminosilicate.

For boiler service, mica protection is required.


High Pressure (plain)High Pressure Gauge Glass

These gauge glasses are similar to the transparent type but are manufactured to a higher specification and tighter dimensional tolerances thus allowing use at higher pressures.

For boiler service, mica protection is required.



Replacement GlassJergusonSeries5-12TransparentGaugeGlass

Replacement glass for Jergusson series 5 & 12, Klinger TA28 and other gauges are manufactured to order using the original specifications in borosilicate or soda lime, and in transparent and reflex types.

Custom Made

We can manufacture any gauge glass* to suit special or obsolete types of liquid level gauges. Enquiries should be accompanied RhomboidGaugeGLasswith dimensions and service application.

(* subject to maximum length limitations and material compatibility)


A full range of gaskets, cushions and micas is available in a variety of materials to suit all the above gauge glass types and sizes.