Materials – Borosilicate

Borosilicate glass is extensively used for process applications because of its high resistance to chemical corrosion and temperature change.

α 33 Borofloat

This chemically resistant type of borosilicate glass contains a high percentage of silica and a considerable amount of boric oxide. It can be ground, drilled, polished and toughened.

Its low thermal expansion, high thermal shock resistance and its ability to withstand temperatures up to 450°C for long periods make this material a good choice for applications which call for good temperature stability.

It is very resistant to attack from water, alkalis, acids and organic substances.

Borosilicate for Level Gauge products

  • α 42 Iimadur
  • α 44 Suprax 8488

With good chemical durability and a thermal expansion allowing a high level of pre-stressing (toughening) which gives excellent resistance to thermal shock.

These materials are specially selected, for the manufacture of flat gauge glasses intended for Steam and Hydrostatic applications.

Other Forms

Lenticular patterned, Cylindrical, Tubular, and Custom Mouldings.