Materials – Soda Lime

Soda Lime is a relatively inexpensive and readily available glass which is suitable for many general purpose product applications. It should however be noted that, due to its high thermal expansion, the resistance of soda-lime glass to sudden temperature change is comparatively poor

Float Glass

This is a low cost glass for general use which is available in thicknesses between 1 and 25mm. It can be processed in a variety of ways and displays good mechanical strength when toughened. However, float glass is not recommended where high temperatures or good chemical resistance are required

Low Iron Soda-Lime

When true colour is of paramount importance, Low Fe2O3 Float Glass is the perfect solution. Clearer than standard clear float glass it virtually eliminates the green cast inherent in standard float; this is especially apparent when exposed, polished edges are in view. Applications vary from solar collectors to showroom and furniture applications. Low Fe203 is also ideal for glass which is to be ceramically decorated; this is because the true colours of the decorations will show through the glass

Other Forms

Patterned flat glass, tubing, etc