Story So Far

Spectraglass Ltd was incorporated in 1984 by a group of people each with many years experience in the functional management of a number of differing glass manufacturing disciplines, including melting, grinding, polishing, toughening and hot work, all in small batches or large number automated production runs. The name of the company “Spectraglass” was chosen to reflect the broad spectrum of glass processing work that could be undertaken. To implement this policy the original employees in the manufacturing function were already highly skilled in producing items required by customers. As age takes over the company has a policy of continuous training for new employees regardless of age at time of joining to continue the skills base.

The company is based in the city of Perth that has along history of glass making stretching back over 150 years particularly in the steam and petrochemical industries where Perth manufactured glass was and still is the recognised world market leader. Many of the city residents have family connections to the glass industry. The world’s first automatic bottle making machine was invented and developed in Perth, and there are still a few in use today, after 100 years use and requests still appear for spares.

As a company we have satisfied many strange needs in glass, and have provided glass for many uses for which we are proud, such as the transportation of the millennium flame around Britain, and the Olympic flame on a number of occasions at both winter and summer Olympics.

The varied products produced, are sold on a worldwide basis with over 100 countries being supplied, some with as little as 10 pieces of glass, to tens of thousand pieces to the world oil industry. The quality of production is recognized by the aerospace industry, and has been evaluated and approved by major aircraft manufacturers to supply glass components for aircraft, which is the most demanding quality assurance in the world.