Lighting Glass – Retail and Display

The quality of lighting used in retail and display applications can have a significant impact on the successful merchandising of goods.

We therefore take time to understand the intended application for our glass so that we can use our technical knowledge to assist customers in specifying the most appropriate solution.

Down / Up LightsDownlighter

Glass supplied for these products can range from simple circles using plain glass, to providing patterned or frosted halo glass to achieve the illumination characteristics required for specific lighting applications.



Are used where there is a requirement to cast a precise beam of light on a particular object to enhance and highlight key features.

UV BlockingUV Blocking Glass

Is used in applications where there is a requirement to prevent light from fading clothes or similar.

Food Enhancement Filters

Different coloured filters can be used in lighting assemblies to enhance the appearance of food products such as meat, fish, bakery, fruit and vegetables.