Services – Contract

Given our extensive portfolio of glass processing machinery and technical know-how, we are able to offer our contract services should this be required by some customers, namely:

Water-jet cutting

With this machine we can cut virtually any shape out of a variety of materials; glass thickness up to 60mm and other materials up to 100mm.

We can also cut shapes to drawings supplied in *.DXF format.

Toughening (thermal and chemical)

Materials thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 60mm can be toughened thermally using either our 650 flatbed or rotary toughening plants.

Chemical toughening is carried out by immersing the glass in a bath containing molten (450°C) potassium salt, where an exchange takes place between the potassium ions from the salt and the smaller sodium ions in the glass.


We have a CNC machine available to decorate a wide range of glass products i.e. diffusers for lighting, patterned household or display shelves etc.

Our machine can handle glass up to 2800mm x 1100mm in size. Glass is held vertically using vacuum suction cups. Magnets are located behind a rubber matting to allow steel plates to be fixed onto the glass. This provides a firm positional base for sandblasted patterns and images to be created.

Protective coating

This is a coating we apply to glass which makes the glass non-stick and self-cleaning. When glass is coated in this way, any water will simply run off and carry with it any dust or dirt.

This coating process is ideal for glass which is difficult to access and therefore clean by conventional means. Clear Shield coating is also highly desirable on sandblasted products as it effectively prevents finger print marking while handling the glass.

Sub Assembly

Where practically and economically sensible, we are willing to fit our manufactured glass into customers’ fittings and undertake any related assembly work and final testing, should this be required.

Product installation

We are willing to undertake on-site installation of glass particularly if this is a first fit requirement or a critical application.