Services – Testing and Calibration

We offer the following supplementary services. We are happy to customise our test or calibration procedures to meet the particular needs of our customers.

Test / calibration certificates can be provided, as required.

Pressure Test

This normally involves hydraulic testing of circular sight glasses and well glasses.

Drop Test

Glass is ‘impact tested’ to a predetermined energy value, normally measured in joules, using the free-fall method.

Bending Test

Using hydraulic pressure, glass is exposed to a bending pressure to measure / validate the strength of the material for a particular product application.

Explosion Test

This form of test is performed, using customer-supplied equipment, to verify the strength and resultant breakage pattern under certain explosion conditions.

Thermal Shock Test

This is a verification process to determine the impact of ∆ shock testing on all glass types.

Surface Stress Measurement

The GASP surface polarimeter is based on photoelastic test methods, using light rays traveling along the glass surface.