We recently partnered with a local supplier to install 143 solar panels, two solar inverters and a direct current output unit, to our factory roof to help reduce our carbon footprint and increase our sustainability.

We had a 35kW solar PV system installed by a team from Perth based Quantum Energy Ltd.

The Solar PV Panels are a photovoltaic system which uses one or more solar panels to convert the sun’s radiation into energy, and then electricity, with an output of 35kW. The system consists of the highest quality all black mono crystalline modules, a top of the range S inverter, and an energy monitor which allows us to see exactly what it is generating anywhere through a wireless monitoring system.

Thomas MacGillivary of Quantum Energy explains “Many people think that solar panels require hot, sunny weather, but this is not the case, as the modern photovoltaic panels can produce electricity in all weather conditions. The longevity and certainty of the government schemes are continuing to provide a strong and sustainable foundation for growth within the solar sector, and we’re thrilled Spectraglass have taken this huge step in helping the environment.”

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